Making The Bird

I use cheap oil-paints and mix it with vegetable oil. Then I make a big old mess.

The artist's paint pallete

I scan the inks (which are just done with drawing pens), then cut each page in half and blow it up to A4 size again when I print it out. Then I staple it to some sketch-pad paper.

ink and paint overlay in the artist's studio

I used an easel with a pane of glass to lean on and a light behind it so I could trace the inks when I paint. Here it is with the light off.

easel made into a DIY lightbox

...and on! Its not exactly the fanciest light-box ever, but it works. Pretty much the first thing I did was put the pane of glass on the floor, then tread on by mistake, so it does have a corner missing (no, you can’t see that in this photo).

easel made into a DIY lightbox - turned on

Here is all of the colour pages for issue two laid out to dry… Afterwards I use image editing software (gimp) to combine the colours with the inks. As you might be able to tell, issue 2 features giant insects.

All the pages laid out on the floor

A little bit of a closer look. The Bird has to fight a massive stag beetle. Its a spiritual sequel to “Honey I shrunk the kids,” because Rick Moranis is a king amongst men.

A closeup of artwork in progress Read the first issue here